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Stores ESTRO for those who have a taste. The ESTRO brand models are the result of the work of a large international team of professionals, from designers to simple factory workers. The brand is not specifically attached to a specific country, calling itself simply "European", in order to pay attention to the fact that it collected all the best from the cradle of the world fashion - Europe. But the limits of one continent are already small - from 2014 the brand cooperates with the factories of Brazil, the world leader in the field of summer shoes. ESTRO is always a modern design, high-quality natural materials and a wide range of models. The network also features Italian Tosca Blu and Gianni Chiarini, and the Brazilian Schutz. Each of the brands has long been known in the fashion world, and their products have won the sympathy of millions of women of fashion and fashion in the world. Each store network has a nice interior, and high-class and tactful staff will be able to help make the right choice for any buyer. Shopping in ESTRO is always a holiday.


17.03.2018 - 23.03.2018
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