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National Network "Good Day Pharmacy" - one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the Ukrainian market. The network brings together over 200 pharmacies throughout the country and serves more than 500,000 loyal customers each month.

The goal of the Good Day Pharmacy is always to be close when you need it and help customers look and feel better.

Each pharmacy of the network is distinguished by the convenient format of the pharmacy service: a combination of traditions of the classical pharmacy with fast market service. Most pharmacies of the network have an open self-service area, through which customers can choose their own products for health, hygiene and care, while receiving qualified advice from professionals.

The basic principles on which the Good Day Pharmacy service is based is:

  • Certified products - the network only works with official suppliers and manufacturers and has the necessary certificates of quality and registration for the whole range;
  • The breadth of the choice of goods - in addition to the rich assortment of medicines in pharmacies, categories of hygiene, rehabilitation and medical equipment are presented. Here you will find a wide range of medical cosmetics, baby food and accessories, as well as products for expectant mothers;
  • The qualification and level of service of pharmacists and pharmacists - all network employees meet the highest industry standards, annually held dozens of trainings and exercises, as well as relevant training courses.

The network always tries to offer its customers only favorable terms of purchase - there is a convenient Care Program, through which the client accumulates bonuses and has the ability to calculate them at the next purchase.

The Good Day Pharmacy chain is also a partner of the Fishka Coalition Program - all participants can accumulate points and use them in accordance with the terms of the program when calculating for the purchase of goods (services) from participating partners: supermarkets, gas stations, online stores, bank branches, network of home appliances and many other trade and service facilities.

In pharmacies, the network of customers regularly offers special prices for seasonal products of high demand, working promotional offers for integrated purchases. The network actively cooperates with medical programs of manufacturers such as: Orange Card, Medicard, Pro-Price, Abbottcard, and MDM, through which patients with certain chronic diseases can receive regular use of drugs with significant discounts.

Since 2017, the "Good Day Pharmacy" network is one of the largest partners in the National Government Program "Affordable Drugs". "Available drugs" on the network are state-compensated, free drugs for the end user and the highest level of pharmaceutical care and counseling

Round-the-clock the hotline telephone number 0 800 500 129 is available and the drug reservation website

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