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LUSH is a cult innovative brand of fresh handmade cosmetics from the UK, known for its powerful ethical principles and strong desire to make the world better place to live, is located in our shopping mall “Dream Town” on the first floor.

Founded as a family business in 1995, in the small English town on the English Channel, Poole, today this brand has already become a world legend and owns more than 950 stores in about 50 countries.

Free from cruelty of animal testing, absolutely all LUSH products are vegetarian and more than 85% of products are suitable for vegans. The company is an innovator in packaging - it prefers to make of "naked" products. More than half of LUSH products are created in solid versions – bubble bars, solid shampoos, solid shower gels, solid body conditioners, solid body oils and others. When there are no chances to avoid packaging LUSH uses recycled plastic bottles (which can also be recycled).

But the most important thing is freshness! Creative and inspiring LUSH innovators believe that all ingredients for products (essential and vegetable oils, juices and extracts of fruits, berries and vegetables) should be used at the peak of their freshness, at that time when the concentration of vitamins is the highest. Therefore, all LUSH products have a short shelf life, and some of them are even recommended to be stored in the refrigerator, like fresh food.

Visit the legendary LUSH shop, and pick up the healing and fragrant enjoyment without cruelty for every cell of your body – from heels to the crown of your head.

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